Documents of George M. Phelps

Correspondence between George Phelps and Thomas Edison

Documents with permission of the Thomas A. Edison Papers- Rutgers University

In the document below, Phelps is responding to a request by Edison for
the status on glass disks. These disks were used in the construction of the
Edison Carbon Telephone Transmitter.

" T. A. Edison Esq
yours at hand,

I have no glass disks yet.
I will let you know when I
find some good ones.

Yours truly
G M Phelps

In September of 1877, Thomas Edison gave Western Union drawings of a
telephone from which a patent model was to be constructed by George Phelps.
In the telegram shown below, Phelps is asking Edison for clarification
on one of his instructions.

New York Sept.22 1877

Menlo Park

T A Edison

Drawings for
model received.
I understand an
opening in end of
reed is this
correct? or the
diaphram whole
and attached ?
or not to reed.

G. M. Phelps

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