Phelps Electro-Motor

The Phelps Electro-Motor

"Rotary Electro-Magnetic Engine"

The motor consists of 3 main sections:

The Top section contains the speed
adjustment lever on the top right. The
speed governor located in the top
center. And the positive battery
connection on the top left.

The middle section shows the motor's
flywheel. Connected to the flywheel is a
weight that is thrown outward by
centrifugal force. It can raise and lower
a pin connected to the speed governor.

The bottom contains 8 sets of
electro-magnets arranged in a circle.
Above them is the commutator
consisting of 40 contact springs. Each
electro-magnet is charged when they
are approached by any of the five soft
iron armatures that are mounted on the
revolving shaft.

An overhead view of the motor showing 4 of the
electro-magnet sets on the right. Above them on
the left are 20 of the 40 commutator springs.

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