Horace G. Martin

Horace G. Martin

"Having experimented for some time on automatic transmitters and having
the occasion to observe the very interesting achievements of other workers
in the automatic field. I decided that there was a demand for a small, simple
and portable sending machine which, while being automatic or nearly so,
would, as nearly as possible, retain the merits but not the demerits of the
old Morse key."
Horace G. Martin, February 1903

Horace G. Martin

Vibroplex Patent 842154 Martin Vibroplex

This site is dedicated to life and career of Horace G. Martin; telegrapher, inventor,
and manufacturer best known for his invention of the Vibroplex Bug. Martin's idea of
a semi-automatic key stated above in 1903 revolutionized the way Morse code was
transmitted. His inventions affected the careers of thousands of telegraphers and radio
operators for decades and are still used and admired today. Below are articles that
trace Martin's life to 1906. There will be additional articles and material added to this
site in the months and years ahead........73, W2NI

Part 1 : The Telegrapher

Part 2 : The Phillips System and the Autoplex

Part 3 : A Vibroplex in Every Telegraph Office

Centennial of the Martin Vibroplex
An article commemorating the 100th anniversary
of the commercial introduction of the Vibroplex.

New The Forgotten Vibroplex Patent
The story behind Martin's patent, 1,042,457.
Only 100 examples of this key were built.

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The technical and legal history of the name given to semi-automatic transmitters.

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Instructions published by the Western Union Telegraph Co., 1915.

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Versions of the Horace G. Martin articles were originally published
in the quarterly journal of The Antique Wireless Association.
( A nonprofit historical society )

Part One: The Telegrapher, November 2002, The OTB, Vol.43 / #4.
Part Two: The Phillips System and the Autoplex, February 2003, The OTB, Vol.44 / #1.
Part Three: A Vibroplex in Every Telegraph Office, May 2003, The OTB, Vol.44 / #2.
Centennial of the Martin Vibroplex, April 2005, The AWA Journal, Vol.46 / #2.
The Forgotten Vibroplex Patent, May 2004, The OTB, Vol.45 / #2.

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