U.S. Transcontinental Telegraph Line Map

U.S. Transcontinental Telegraph Line

From: The New Naval and Military Map of the United States,
by J. Calvin Smith, J. M. Atwood, map engraver, Philadelphia, Pa. 1862.
"Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1862 by Robert P. Smith."
Library of Congress Geography and Map Division, Washington, D.C.

"The route selected was by way of Omaha, up the South Platte, via old Fort Kearney, Fort Laramie,
up the Sweetwater and through the South Pass to Salt Lake. Thence, to Deep Creek, Egan Canyon,
and Ruby Valley to Virginia City. Austin and Eureka were not at that time in existence.
In fact,the only settlement along that portion of the route, was one at Ruby Valley,
where some troops were stationed."   James Gamble

Note : By the winter of 1860, a line was constructed from Sacramento to Placerville then onto
Virginia City, Nevada via Genoa. When construction of the transcontinental line began,
the segment between Carson City and Virginia City was rebuilt.
The transcontinental line generally follows the Pony Express Route depicted on this map through Nevada.

U.S. Transcontinental Telegraph Line

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